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Vittel biodiversity
Vittel biodiversity

We owe to nature

Natural mineral water is one of nature’s most precious resources. This vibrant, vital nature lies at the core of everything. Vittel® is fully aware of this and knows it has a role to play. Every day, we are driven by our responsibility to preserve its richness, diversity and vitality.

Today, with more than one million animal and plant species in danger of extinction on our planet, Vittel® is reaffirming its commitment to preserving biodiversity, especially the so-called “ordinary biodiversity”, the kind we encounter in our daily lives, the most present yet threatened by human activity. And this is what we have already been doing for almost 30 years.

Because we realise what we owe to nature. Because we are convinced that nature is full of richness and vitality. Because it is at the heart of the rich and abundant nature of the Vosges hills and its underground rocks, for thousands of years, that Vittel® water has been drawing its naturality and its unique minerality. The men and women of Vittel® are reaffirming their commitment.


30 years of commitment to biodiversity

For nearly 30 years, we have been acting in favour of the preservation of biodiversity, in partnership with the National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment. 

How? By bringing Farmers, municipalities, companies and citizens together around powerful commitments, which reconcile human activity and environmental protection. 

Vittel engagement agrivair

This collective action is one of our greatest successes. 

However, today, and because the preservation of biodiversity cannot be limited to the scale of a territory, Vittel® has decided to speed things up: we are now deploying our expertise beyond the territory, we are stepping up our actions on all our activities and we are multiplying collaborations to bring new solutions and scale up. 

Preserving biodiversity is a global challenge, and we want to do our part, by using our voice and our know-how to serve nature and by participating to all the efforts underway.

Taking action in 4 key areas of activity to preserve biodiversity

4 action in key areas


Fostering collective action

The key to success has been and will remain the readiness of different people to work towards a common goal. Because we are convinced that solutions are invented and fundamental changes happen when people act together. To succeed, we need everyone: our employees, our local partners, our suppliers and customers, and of course our consumers. Everyone is essential if we want to create a collective chain that serves biodiversity.

The journey will be complex and challenging — we are aware of this. Vittel® will thus draw on its values — innovation, solidarity and collective action — to take up the challenge and play its part in creating tomorrow’s world.

The women and men of Vittel®

Protecting the spring

Protecting the land means quality water: we’re all in this together!