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Vittel ashoka

Taking action for biodiversity... worldwide!

For nearly 30 years, Vittel® has been innovatively managing local resources, preserving water quality and protecting its local biodiversity.

For example, long before phytosanitary products or nitrates were on the public agenda, Vittel® took the forward-looking step of committing to ban them from its local ecosystem. Vittel® has been partnering with experts such as INRAE*, farmers and scientists, as well as local communities, to take positive action in favour of biodiversity. 

Today, the scale of the ecological crisis is such that the fight to preserve biodiversity can no longer be restricted to local geography: we all need to act beyond our own borders. In response to this situation, Vittel® has decided to devote its time and expertise to supporting innovation. For this reason, the brand has created a partnership with the international NGO and social entrepreneurship specialist Ashoka® in support of innovative projects designed to preserve biodiversity all over the world.


Rising to the “Act for Biodiversity” challenge!

Innovation is vitally important in the fight to preserve biodiversity.
204 social entrepreneurs from around the world have taken this message to heart, answering the call of the Act For Biodiversity Challenge launched in early 2020 by Vittel® in partnership with the Ashoka NGO. 

Driven by a desire to promote their initiatives, they presented and submitted their projects to address one of the key threats to biodiversity on a global scale: urbanisation, deforestation and intensive farming. 
The 5 winners of the Act For Biodiversity Challenge will receive personalised support and financial assistance to provide a firm, autonomous footing for their project. 
Let’s preserve biodiversity by giving them the resources to expand their horizons!

vittel ashoka accelerateur
vittel ashoka accelerateur

Expand your horizons with the Project Accelerator

Because we want to go further, we have selected 5 promising social entrepreneurs to receive two and a half months of personalised support, helping them to take their project to the next level.

With the help of Vittel® and Ashoka®, they will be able to increase their positive social impact, grow their project and make the most of co-operative opportunities for preserving biodiversity.

*French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment.